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OCTOBER 22, 2022

Experts agree that the techniques to train men and women do differ - while they can be in the same classes, of course, there are some nuances important for working with male bodies. I’m not saying that you cannot train a man at the same time as a woman, or that they cannot all be in the same group class. Learn from LaBriece the voice tone, verbal cues, touch (how, where, if), pace, exercise choices, types of variations, number of repetitions, and spring settings for various apparatus to improve your male and athletic clients' experiences of Pilates.

LaBriece Ochsner is a role model for healthy living, a life coach and international mentor and master teacher of the Pilates Method. Balancing mothering three children and running her studio in person and online, she approaches teaching with a full heart, enthusiasm, extraordinary insight and precise attention to detail. LaBriece's passion is in bringing Pilates back to men, cross-training athletes, working with teens and children and mentoring new and seasoned instructors of the Pilates Method. She is the owner of LB Pilates Studios, the Balanced Body Authorized Training Center for Switzerland, is a Balanced Body Pilates & Bodhi Suspension System Master Instructor, an NCPT Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. LaBriece teaches retreats, conferences, workshops and instructor-training both in person and online, in English and German. 

This is an IN-PERSON Workshop in Henderson, NV

Designed for Pilates instructors or instructors-in-training who are at least partway through their training program.


Please contact us at or 702-569-0985 if you have any questions about the workshop.


Click this link to register: Pilates for Men and Athletes with LaBriece Ochsner

LaBriece O
Pilates Teacher Training
Karena Scoli Skele



Build muscles in clay on Balanced Body’s own specially designed skeleton, and imprint the body’s design deeply into your mind and body.

SCOLIO-PILATES MODULE 1 is the first course towards becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. While the course content is geared towards the professional, all are welcome to take this course.


You will learn:

  • What is scoliosis? Who it affects and its effects on the systems of the body.

  • Experience scoliosis! What does it feel like to exercise with scoliosis. Now you’ll know!

  • Anatomy of Scoliosis

  • Understanding functional versus structural scoliosis

  • Defining the convexities and concavities

  • Theories and laws of movement that apply to scoliosis

  • The first level of exercises for scoliosis

SCOLIO-PILATES MODULE 2 is the second course that all students take towards becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. While the course content is geared towards the professional, all are welcome to take this course.


You will learn:

  • To define the curves of scoliosis (3, 4 and thoraco-lumbar curves).

  • Scoliosis specific corrections and scoliosis specific exercises to aid us in bringing our clients towards a more balanced system

  • Corrections towards neutral in the basic positions of prone, supine, side-lying, seated and standing.

  • How to use the Scolio-Wedges to assist your scoliosis client towards a more neutral positioning.

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Anatomy in 3D Teacher Training


We've invited a host of special guests to visit Via Pilates in 2023 - here are just a few, so stay tuned to find out when they'll be visiting us at our Henderson/Las Vegas, NV studio:

Erika Quest

Nora St. John

Joy Puleo

Carrie Miller

Nico Gonzales

Misti Lynne Cauthen

Lesley Logan

Rhondi Miller

...and MORE!!!

Is there someone you'd love to have visit the Las Vegas/Henderson area for a workshop? Do you want to visit and present a workshop here at Via Pilates? Let us know!

CoreAlign Teacher Training
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