About the Bodhi Suspension System®

Balanced Body's Bodhi Suspension System® brings the precision and movement principles of Pilates to suspension training. This dynamic, whole-body suspension system challenges core strength and stability, dynamic flexibility and proprioception, and provides a unique movement experience that challenges the body in entirely new ways.


What makes the Bodhi system unique is its four potential points of suspension, vs. the typical two found with most suspension training systems. Bodhi is an ideal complement to a Pilates program and can be tailored to provide a challenging workout for all fitness levels (from pro athletes to seniors).

Bodhi means “awaken” in Sanskrit, which is where the system derives its name. When your body moves into and out of alignment with gravity, your body reacts to this orientation causing a reflexive contraction of the deep muscles which support your joints, core and spine. The multiple points of suspension found in the Bodhi system lends itself to greater versatility and more seamless movement patterns, ideal for a Pilates-based practice. Exercises can be performed standing, lying down, seated and more...and varying points of suspension can add either support or challenge to each movement.

Equipment Combo & Circuit Classes

Via Pilates uses the Bodhi in combination with the Pilates springboard and/or Exo chair to help our clients build a strong core, increase endurance, and have fun! 


We combine the controlled instability of the Bodhi system with Pilates techniques and exercises to create a fun and challenging workout that will keep your heart rate pumping. Our Equipment Combo or Circuit classes combine the best of both worlds to provide an intense and challenging workout.


While many exercises can be modified for various fitness levels, we recommend this class for intermediate and advanced Pilates students. If you have any questions about whether this class is right for you, please contact your instructor.   


Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®

Photo courtesy of Balanced Body.

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Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®

Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®


Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®