What is CoreAlign®

A revolutionary apparatus, CoreAlign improves strength, balance, posture and functional movement patterns.


Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, a physical therapist and fitness enthusiast, CoreAlign was created with the belief that the body functions and heals best when movements are anatomically sound and balanced. As a training tool, CoreAlign exercises are designed to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, resulting in a strong, healthy and vibrant body. Clients at all fitness levels will feel the CoreAlign difference.


The CoreAlign method stimulates our core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing functional exercises, deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. The CoreAlign method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and general overall conditioning. CoreAlign can be used as a stand-alone exercise practice or as a complement to existing Pilates programming. In either case, CoreAlign can bring endless variety to enhance clients' experiences, health and fitness.


The CoreAlign frame encloses two tracks and carts which move independently with smooth resistance (or assistance). Resistance is possible in one or both directions. The CoreAlign is extraordinarily versatile with hundreds of completely new and unique movement exercises.

CoreAlign® Classes

CoreAlign classes at Via Pilates feature elements of Pilates, as well as unique CoreAlign-specific exercises. All CoreAlign classes will provide a balanced head-to-toe workout targeting strength, flexibility and stability. Some classes will be more focused on aerobic conditioning.


CoreAlign classes are appropriate for most fitness levels, and most exercises can be modified for clients with particular needs. Clients new to this type of class should consult with their instructor prior to signing up. Private CoreAlign sessions are also available. 

CoreAlign brings the
mind-body movement, rehabilitation and fitness worlds together in one unique apparatus
which puts the
"fun" in functional!

Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®