Policies and Procedures


Masks Required

A face covering (nose, mouth and chin must be covered) is required for all Via Pilates team members at all times when working until further notice. Gloves must be worn by staff when disinfecting the studio and equipment between clients/sessions.

It is required that clients adhere to the State of Nevada’s directive of wearing a face mask or face covering while inside the studio (similar to “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”). Wearing of masks while participating in Pilates is required per the Governor's mandate - regardless of your vaccination status. Remember that wearing a face mask does not only protect YOU from others, but also protects others from YOU - we wear them to respect and take care of each other! 


Via Pilates also requires the use of grip socks for all in-studio classes. No socks will be available for “loan” as this is against sanitary practices. Grip socks and workout masks will be available for purchase in the studio.

 Please remember that Jeanine Yutani, the studio's owner, is an at-risk individual since she has rheumatoid arthritis and takes Etanercept (Enbrel), one of the immunosuppressive medications specifically highlighted by the CDC as putting individuals at higher risk of getting severely sick from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and one that may also leave those individuals infectious for a longer period of time than others with COVID-19. She has chosen to open the studio, even with the additional health risk COVID-19 poses to her own health. Please wear your mask and ensure others wear theirs to help prevent future shut downs (or the permanent closure) of Via Pilates if Jeanine should fall ill with COVID-19. 

Reopening Safely 


At Via Pilates, the health and well-being of our members and staff have always been our utmost priority. Even before the emergence of COVID-19, our studio has been known for its cleanliness and commitment to serving members of more "fragile" populations.

During these challenging times we have been offering a varied schedule of online classes for your fitness and wellness needs, and are excited to be able to continue those offerings with daily virtual classes including Pilates mat, barre, reformer and even CoreAlign! We have taken this time outside the studio as an opportunity to move forward with some plans that have been in-the-works for quite some time, and are excited to introduce our loyal members to what we know will be an even BETTER client experience at Via Pilates.


As we join other studios in re-opening our doors, we are following all federal, state and local business and industry-specific directives, including CDC, FDA and EPA guidance and "best practices" regarding health and safety measures to provide the safest environment possible at Via Pilates. 

Health & Safety

Before Coming Back In... 


As of this time all of our waivers of liability have been updated to include infectious disease within them (as have all waivers industry-wide, as you should see at any other pool, gym or other facility you visit). We will provide you an updated digital copy of the waiver to sign prior to being readmitted to the studio for participation in classes or private sessions. A new waiver must be signed, including an indication that you have read and understand the Studio Safety Protocol before you will be permitted to attend a class or private session in-person at the studio. 

By Appointment Only

One of the most important measures in place to ensure social distancing - and one we already practiced as a "members-only" studio - is that all private and small-group sessions are by appointment only. Drop-ins for classes are not permitted.

We are committed to this process primarily because we feel it's important for all new clients to participate in a series of individual sessions before joining group classes, and now...in the era of COVID-19...it is a necessity to facilitate contact-tracing if any staff or client at Via Pilates should test positive for coronavirus.

If you are a NEW CLIENT interested in joining Via Pilates, please contact us to set up a brief informational appointment (usually 20-30 minutes) or an introductory series (3 Private Sessions for $169 and includes FREE grip socks and workout mask!).

Sanitation & Disinfecting

Via Pilates will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio. Members and staff are asked to sanitize or wash their hands upon entry to the facility, and anytime they contact a high-touch surface (cell-phone, Apple watch, water bottle, etc.). 


All high-touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, countertops, chairs, storage cubbies, restrooms) will be disinfected and cleaned between sessions with a CDC and EPA-approved disinfecting product shown to be effective against emerging viral pathogens and harder to kill viruses.

  • The State of Nevada demands use of a disinfectant that has less than a 2-minute contact time and is on the EPA List-N for disinfecting and sanitizing. The product being used by Via Pilates has a 30-second contact time, requires no rinsing after disinfection, and is safe for skin contact and/or ingestion. Additional product information is available if desired.

  • You'll notice some changes to our CLASS SCHEDULE - part of this is to allow time for us to complete the required sanitizing procedures between classes. We want you to get the most out of your sessions, and we want staff to have the time to take care of the studio to keep everyone safe.


In addition to the between-session cleaning, Via Pilates will undergo a daily deep-cleaning with CDC and EPA-approved disinfecting products to ensure we provide the safest environment possible for our clients and staff.

Other Monitoring

 All Via Pilates staff, instructors and members are expected to self-monitor for the potential symptoms of COVID-19 and to avoid the studio if they suspect they are ill or could be infected with the coronavirus.


Follow these links for more information about COVID-19:


Staff will also go through basic health screening check-ins every shift based on state and local requirements, as well as CDC and industry guidelines. 

Social Distancing

As a boutique facility, we are limited by state directives to a certain number of people in the studio at any time. In addition, social distancing measures have limited the size of our "group" equipment classes to 3-4 individuals per class to ensure close contact is limited. Equipment has been moved to facilitate social distancing and hands-on cues by instructors will be limited as much as possible. 


We have instituted contactless check-in (either through the app or the instructor), and will be taking contactless payment methods to limit close contact as much as is possible.

Teacher Training modules and workshops will similarly be limited to a maximum of 4 to 5 participants per course, depending on the type of course.

Updated Cancellation Policy 

Via Pilates has always chosen to waive late cancellations for those who are ill as a courtesy AND because we do not want you coming to the studio and sharing your cold/flu with the rest of us. In light of our extremely small class sizes, we will be closely monitoring to ensure this policy is not abused (e.g. we cannot grant late cancellations for headaches, being too tired, etc.). If you are concerned you or a member of your household are infected with a contagious illness, please cancel your class/session as soon as possible – this is an appropriate and permissible reason for a late cancel. Thank you for your understanding in this.

  • We are reducing our Early Cancellation window to 12 hours (previously 24 hours) for group classes. This means you have more time to cancel out of a class without penalty and give someone on the Wait List the chance to sign in for that class.

  • Since we hope to offer more group sessions to make up for the smaller class sizes, we will have to enforce a 6-hour Early Cancellation window for private sessions. Please contact your instructor directly and as soon as you know you won’t be attending your session so that instructor may reschedule a class or another client waiting for an appointment.

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