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Via Pilates offers movement instructor training opportunities including Balanced Body® Pilates teacher certification, CoreAlign® training, Anatomy in Three Dimensions® and a variety of other specialty programs.


Most courses are approved for PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) continuing education credits or other CECs depending on course or instructor.


Balanced Body®, the world's leading Pilates education provider, offers a Pilates teacher training program that fosters a strong foundation in understanding how the body works and how to make it work better. Courses are stimulating, personalized and deeply rooted in the art and science of movement. Learn and grow with training that develops your mind, body and career. The program is designed to train teachers to work in group and private settings with clients from those with physical limitations to professional athletes.


The Balanced Body program is designed as progressive modules allowing instructors to move through the program as their time and budget allows. The Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and small equipment complete the Pilates exercise system. Each apparatus adds an extra dimension to private or group work.

Are you already certified or almost certified in another Pilates program but looking to expand your training? Balanced Body's Bridge Program recognizes that each student's experience is unique and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of students and situations. 


Build the body from the inside out! Learn the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the origin, insertion and action of the major muscles of movement by building them yourself. Learn how muscles move and behave through exercises and functional movements.

There's no better way to learn anatomy than building the body from the inside out with Balanced Body's Anatomy+Movement Skeleton which is based on scans of actual bones. ​The basic course covers the body from the knees through the shoulders, and additional continuing education/advanced courses are available on topics including: The Core, The Shoulder, The Pelvis, Hip & Thigh, The Lower Leg, Ankle & Foot, The Upper Limb.


The CoreAlign® system from Balanced Body® stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, stretches and core controlled aerobic training. Give your clients a unique exercise experience that improves gait, posture, balance and functional movement. Clients at all fitness levels will feel the difference.

Balanced Body offers CoreAlign training for individuals with a strong background in movement, such as accredited Pilates instructors, personal trainers, movement teachers and physical therapists. Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, a physical therapist, the method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle.

Upcoming Teacher Trainings



Learn how to recognize, improve and teach fundamental movement patterns with the Movement Principles, the foundation of the Balanced Body instructor training system. This course is designed for both new and experienced instructors to refine their understanding of the body in motion.


Mat I forms the foundation of the Pilates method. This course includes an introduction to the history and principles of the Pilates method and beginning and intermediate level exercises, including an introduction to program design, teaching private sessions and group classes.


Mat 2 teaches the remaining intermediate and advanced level Mat exercises including progressive skill development to achieve the advanced exercises, programming for intermediate and advanced classes and creating successful multi-level Mat programming.

Fall 2023 Course Calendar - update

For a downloadable PDF of upcoming courses at Via Pilates, click on the calendar above.


Mat 3 adds rings, rollers, bands and balls to the traditional Mat exercises, and includes functional exercises for the upper and lower body expanding the Mat work beyond the core to develop whole body strength and flexibility.


Reformer 1 introduces the center piece of the Pilates equipment studio and invaluable training tool, the Universal Reformer, and how to safely use it for a wide variety of supine, seated and standing exercises for the beginning to intermediate student.


Reformer 2 expands the repertoire with intermediate and advanced exercises and modifications for special populations including pre-and postnatal clients, clients with osteoporosis and lower back injuries. Class design, dynamic assessment and correcting common dysfunctional movement patterns are also included. 


Reformer 3 is the pinnacle of the Reformer work and includes advanced and super advanced exercises to challenge clients to achieve their best. Progressive sequences designed to teach students advanced movement skills are included as well as practical systems to help you create successful classes for clients at any level.


Build the body from the inside out using clay and Balanced Body’s own specially designed skeleton, and imprint the body’s design deeply into your mind and body. Learn the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the origin, insertion and action of the major muscles of movement from the knees through the shoulders.


The chair is great for doing strengthening work with athletic clients, and as an addition to group programming. Includes exercises and variations for the original Wunda chair, the EXO chair and the split pedal Combo Chair. This course includes exercises and programming for both personal training sessions and classes.


Includes exercises and variations for the Pilates Arc, the Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel, all excellent tools for enhancing spinal mobility and core strength. The Ladder Barrel is most commonly used in a studio setting while the Pilates Arc or Step Barrel is a great addition to group classes.

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A favorite of many instructor trainees! This course provides a thorough introduction to the Pilates Trapeze Table, Tower and Cadillac exercises as well as applications for beginning, post-rehabilitation and advanced clients.


CoreAlign 1: Foundations, is the heart of the CoreAlign training program. The course includes the theoretical basis of the CoreAlign method along with 60+ essential exercises to illustrate the full potential of the CoreAlign for functional training, athletic conditioning, and more. Specific exercise tracks focus on trunk integration, upper body strength and balance, lower body strength and power, gait and dynamic flexibility.


CoreAlign 2 builds on the foundations of CoreAlign 1 to address a range of training goals from core stabilization to creating integrated rotation for throwing sports, training options using rotator discs, variable directions of resistance and moments of suspension, exercises to challenge balance, coordination and complex movement patterns to prepare clients for anything life throws their way. Provides an excellent platform for improving functional movement patterns for clients at any level of ability from physical therapy patients to professional athletes.

Diversity in Pilates


Balanced Body® Community Expansion Scholarship Program

Pilates teacher training is often seen as an “exclusive” territory of elite populations due to its expense and the challenges of how, where or when training opportunities are available. Add to this the cost and time requirements for trainees to take their own Pilates classes, observe classes, and often purchase equipment or props for home use, and costs can easily add up to an unrealistic sum for many individuals. Besides the questionable status of wage vs. non-wage worker, unpaid trainee programs further create a vicious cycle of rewarding those who are already economically advantaged while intensifying competition among those who cannot afford to work for free.

The goal of the Balanced Body Community Expansion Scholarship Program is to increase the diversity of the Pilates profession by training teachers who come from Black and other underrepresented communities. Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers around the country and around the world, such as Via Pilates, are participating in this program by providing full scholarships to qualified students.


  • To bring more Black instructors into the Pilates community, increasing the rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives in the industry

  • To support Black instructors as they develop their teaching practice

  • To bring the benefits of Pilates to the Black community by supporting teachers from the community


Hear what other students who've worked with Jeanine have to say about Pilates, CoreAlign®, Anatomy in Three-Dimensions and other Teacher Training opportunities at Via Pilates.

Wow! Where do I begin. Jeanine is incredible. Her personality is so wonderful and her knowledge will blow your mind. I am so looking forward to taking more courses with Jeanine. I believed Balanced Body was the program for me and [Anatomy in 3-D] definitely proved that to be true.

Michelle M.

I first sought out teacher training because I wanted to learn how to use my reformer and as a physical therapist, I thought it would help my therapy exercise repertoire as well. Little did I know that learning from Jeanine at Via Pilates would truly change my life. The techniques, methods, and philosophies Jeanine teaches and embodies have not only made me a better instructor, but significantly improved my ability to be an effective physical therapist. Training at Via Pilates is not just for the average instructor, but the instructor who plans on making a difference in peoples’ lives through the work they do.

Katie M.

Via Pilates is a beautiful studio and everyone who works there is so knowledgeable and actually cares about each client. I feel blessed that I found this studio, Jeanine, and the Balanced Body teacher training program. I feel like I'm getting the most top shelf education for Pilates and couldn't be more grateful.

Shannon Z.

I had the pleasure of taking most of my courses with Jeanine and honestly loved it! She is so knowledgeable and supportive. Jeanine makes sure you understand the movement but most importantly the way each movement can be modified for any client. She is patient, kind and really bends over backwards to help you in the journey of becoming an instructor. It is not easy, but her passion excites you! Thank you Jeanine!

Jenny C.



In the ultra-competitive world of fitness instruction, it's important to find your tribe. At Via Pilates, fostering a community of Pilates and movement instructors is one of our top priorities. Collaboration, co-teaching, paid apprenticeships, mentorship programs and social-learning opportunities help all of us stay connected. Stay in touch to hear about the latest opportunities!


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