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April is MOVE MORE MONTH - join us to WIN free Pilates!

April is Move More Month - American Heart Association

Every April, the American Heart Association promotes "Move More Month." Its aim is to encourage all Americans to take part in more physical activity and to try to do so on a more regular basis by incorporating it into your daily routine. The goal is to highlight the importance of physical activity as well as the benefits of movement for our overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Couple walking a dog
Take your dog for a walk to "move more"

Physical activity doesn't have to be all or nothing - it's not about a high-intensity class or an hour-long walk. Making small changes toward a more active lifestyle promotes a healthy body and mind. Make it a game to incorporate more movement into each day:

  • Play or walk outside with your children or pets

  • Have a dance party with your family (or alone!)

  • Do squats or lunges during a business call (with Zoom video off...)

  • Do tricep pushups while waiting for your coffee to brew

What are some new habits you can form to just move more? What activities do you enjoy? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Balanced Body Exo Chair class
Always take reformer? Try a new type of class!
  • Take a walk after dinner each evening

  • Try a new type of class (love Pilates reformer, try a chair or Bodhi class!)

  • See if you can add 1,000 steps to your day or get 10,000 total steps per day

  • Exercise with friends - make your workouts fun and social

  • Is there a Pilates studio you've been wanting to try out, give them a call

Via Pilates is participating in Move More Month by encouraging ALL of our members (and members-to-be!) to take small steps to up their movement goals and to help friends and loved ones get started if they're just getting back or getting started with exercise.* For every session (privates or classes, virtual or in-person) attended during April 2022, receive one entry for our PRIZE DRAWING! Open to all current and new members. Grand Prize is 5 FREE private sessions or 10 FREE semi-private group class sessions (your choice)!

* As always, please consult your health care provider before starting any new exercise program. Private sessions with MI or PT are not included with this prize offer. Prize drawing will take place in-studio on May 2. Winner will be notified via email/phone and may be announced on Via Pilates' social media accounts.

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