Equipment for virtual workouts

Here's a list of some frequently-used equipment you might want to have on-hand for virtual classes with Via Pilates. At minimum, you'll definitely want a mini ball and an exercise band!

All of these items are available for purchase from Amazon:

  • A Pilates (or yoga) mat - Via Pilates uses Balanced Body's ⅜" thick EcoWise mats

  • Small or medium exercise ball - we recommend the green OPTP soft movement ball, but any small/medium ball will work (get 10% off at by using the code KEEPMOVING)

  • Exercise band (Theraband, Sanctband, Franklin Method bands) - a medium and heavy resistance are useful, but just a medium (red/green/blue) will suffice

  • Synergee loop band - a blue, black or red is recommended (Synergee bands come in a nice set from Amazon and they don't roll!)

  • Stability disk - ProSource makes great ones that are the ideal size for most adults and come with a pump

  • Pilates ring - we recommend Balanced Body's ultra-fit circle, but any Pilates ring will do

  • Hand weight - 1 to 3 lbs weights or toning balls, although water bottles will work just fine

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