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Rethinking New Year's "Resolutions"

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Every year it seems we try to come up with a slew of well-intentioned plans we're definitely going to commit to starting in January. Then, by mid-February (as research shows), 80% of us have fallen off the resolution wagon and feel like the whole year has started off on a negative note.

The past two years I've been aiming for more positive changes instead of starting off with some "resolution" that's almost certain to fail. In 2021, I set a goal to take more time for myself and to make self-care more of a priority. It worked fairly well, but - as most of you know about me - I'm the kind of person who puts everyone else first and myself last. That makes "self care" a challenge. This year, with the help of a coach (yup, that's the big change so far for 2022 - I've formally enlisted help!), I've already been working on plans to make my goals more of a reality.

What I know about myself is that I'm a dreamer and a planner, but not always the best at operationalizing. For creating and building a business, that means I've needed help with operations in the form of an amazing studio manager and an incredible team to help make my wild-n-crazy dreams a reality. In terms of "self care" it means I need similar support from friends and loved ones - and my coach - to help me learn to prioritize ME, too!

So it's on to 2022 with a healthy goal in mind - no resolutions, no "New Year, New Me" crap - just a coach, a plan, and the support of my wonderful team! Statistics say that I'm already on the road toward success with my 2022 goal because I've taken the necessary steps to help the change happen and I'm already in the process of creating a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Remember that January 1st is just a date on a calendar - change can happen anytime if you have the mindset, tools and support to make it happen.

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