Virtual Studio is here to STAY

Many people never realized that Via Pilates has always offered virtual mat/barre classes for our clients who traveled out of the Las Vegas area, so the coronavirus shutdown just helped us expand and make these services more public. The great news is that they are HERE TO STAY!

So many clients have expressed how much they like the virtual platform - because they still get the kind of instruction they've come to expect from Via Pilates, but they don't have to drive to the studio or don't have to worry about childcare while they take a class - so we're making sure we can keep up our online class offerings...while still maintaining the high standards of Via Pilates. That means small classes, one-on-one attention, amazing instructors and fun, interactive classes - not just pre-recorded or live-streamed offerings!

When we reopen (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), it will likely be to a "new normal" with a focus on privates and semi-private offerings due to social distancing measures. Rest assured that we will work with all clients to modify and extend their memberships to account for these necessary changes in a way that works for all of us. We're so grateful for everyone who has stuck with us through this challenging time, and can't wait to see you all soon...!!!


- Jeanine

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