17 years of backache and not been able to walk straight or be on my feet for more than an hour and visits to the chiropractor twice a week - that was my normal. Then about two years ago I went to Pilates class with Jeanine, and after six months no longer needed to go to chiropractor and was on my way to being the person I was before my accident. This all because of Jeanine's hard work, understanding, and endless efforts to help me on this journey. I would recommend her Pilates classes 110%! 

- Lynne M.


In my opinion you could not find a better Pilates teacher than Jeanine Yutani. I’ve had lots of experience with many Pilates teachers over the years and Jeanine is by far the BEST. Hands down!! You can not beat her level of skill, knowledge, expertise and understanding. I’d follow her anywhere. 

- Jill D.

I've been taking Pilates with Jeanine for almost two years. I have a condition called Gastroparesis where my stomach muscles are paralyzed. Due to Pilates and the amazing instructor, muscles that had no hope of functioning have started working! Not mention what a stress reliever Pilates is!

- Korin V.

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I would highly recommend taking Pilates with Jeanine Yutani to anyone.  I started taking Pilates about a year ago because walking just wasn't enough.  I'm a 66 year old man who's had significant back surgery and arthritis, all of which had affected my mobility and general health. Pilates has improved my flexibility, lowered my blood pressure, and I have much better mobility. I'm able to play golf, do yard work, and enjoy much more of life that was difficult prior to taking Pilates. Jeanine is a fantastic coach. She recognized my limitations and provided significant positive suggestions and encouragement.  Pilates is something that you get out what you put in. Jeanine keeps challenging you, and has a sense of humor to keep you engaged. I have a better outlook, better health - and I believe Pilates with Jeanine has been a major reason I'm doing so well. Try it for a month and see how easy it is to commit to better health.

- Jim T.

After years of trying every new form of exercise, I was fortunate to discover Via Pilates. Jeanine worked diligently to help me build a strong core and helped correct my "I-sat-at-a-desk-for-almost-40-years" posture. Now, at the age of 58 and 2 years into a very disciplined routine of both Mat and Reformer training, I am strong, physically balanced and more energetic than ever! Last year I broke my foot.  As I reviewed my options with my orthopedic surgeon regarding physical therapy, I mentioned my routine of Pilates with Jeanine. My doctor said to just continue with Pilates workouts for my PT. I am grateful to have found Jeanine and Via Pilates!

- Sandy L.


I've been taking 3-5 Pilates mat and reformer per week with Jeanine for about a year, and the workouts have helped me immensely. My posture has improved, and I now have no problems with the sciatica that used to make my right leg fall asleep. I would recommend to everyone that they take Jeannine's Pilates classes to get amazing results.

- Jerry L.


When arriving at my first class at Via Pilates, I was doubtful of my ability to begin an exercise program and stick with it. Jeanine has been instrumental in not only shaping my body, but also in correcting a lifelong posture issue. She gave me the confidence needed to learn and improve my technique. The most important thing Jeanine instilled in me is a love of Pilates through her enthusiasm in teaching and the care she gives to her students.

- Kathy C.

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pilates class
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Via Pilates is my first and only choice for my Pilates mat classes. Jeanine is knowledgeable about how our muscles interconnect, and shem makes the classes challenging yet fun. I've been attending her classes for about a year, have lost inches and firmed up, and haven’t felt this good in a very long time!

- Lynn R.


I'm a 67 year old woman who has had four lower back surgeries.  It is Jeanine's expertise and knowledge that has enabled me golf, and actually, gain distance on my strokes.  She remembers my surgeries and is always watching to make sure I don't do and exercise incorrectly and injure my back.  I have increased my core strength and my flexibility. I love Jeanine and will be hard pressed to find anyone better.

- Sharon L.


I have been a Pilates client with Jeanine Yutani for 3 years. Before starting, I had the usual joint and back problems. Pilates has made a great difference in my movements, pains, flexibility and general physical well-being. At 73, I feel as though I am 50 again and plan to continue Pilates with Jeanine until I am in my 90s. She is a great teacher and takes care to know her clients needs and watches their workouts to be certain “bad” joints are not being stressed, and watching the progress closely. Some people may think they are too old to start, but that is not true. There will be great progress no matter how old you are at the beginning.

- Suellen P.


I work hard all week. I look forward every week to going to class, not only because Pilates is the best workout I have ever had, but it is fun and l leave with all my stress gone. It was the best decision I have every made and I guarantee you will love it too. 

- Brenda T.


Simply, Jeanine is the best!!  Knowledgeable, kind and motivational. She’ll  get your body moving like it used to. Every time I go to her I wonder why I don't do it more often.

- Michael C.

I started pilates with Jeanine in July of 2015 and I am so happy and blessed that I found her. I had total hip replacement in November of 2015, and as I like to say she has literally kept me walking. I only wish I had started with her sooner!

- Barbara T.

I have been going to Via Pilates with Jeanine Yutani for the past year. I was never a believer in Pilates but after taking the classes with Jeanine I swear by them. I suffered from lower back pains for many years. Since doing Pilates with Jeanine I have had no back problems. Jeanine is a wonderful instructor. I strongly recommend you try her classes, you will not be disappointed.

- Barbara W.


I am 64 with a number of low back problems including sciatic nerve pain.  Pilates with Jeanine has helped me more than any physical therapy I have had.

- Beth T.


Both my husband and I are both Jeanine's students. We have both found that she has great depth and range of knowledge regarding how to properly use our bodies to maximize the exercises. She understands each student's limitations and adjusts the exercises accordingly. She personally helped me to improve my posture as well as increase strength. My husband started exercising with Jeanine after hip replacement surgery -- now he doesn't miss a session with her because he has found it invaluable in his rehabilitation and in correcting structural imbalances that occurred prior to the hip being replaced. We both totally endorse her and recommend her for any level of student. 

- Meryl R.


If you want to waste your money and time there are a host of Pilates studios and trainers out there, but if you want to maximize your results and are lucky enough to live in Henderson/Las Vegas,  go see Jeanine at Via Pilates. Having been a fan of Pilates for many years, I have taken classes led by lots of different  instructors, both here, in the Las Vegas area, and back at my home in London - and, in my opinion, Jeanine is, by far, the best. Her attention to detail and eagle eyes ensure that you are correctly performing every single exercise in good alignment and with proper engagement of the relevant muscles.  Lots of variety, coupled with plenty of Pilates "toys" to assist, means you are constantly challenged with little chance of boredom. I would recommend Via Pilates to all - the super fit, those carrying injuries or long term health disabilities and even other Pilates instructors. Jeanine has totally spoilt me for any other Pilates instructor and whenever I'm here at my home in Henderson, Via Pilates is always a must."

- Kim M.


The reformer class at Via Pilates is the one class we keep returning to week after week!  Jeanine keeps each class fresh and new so we never get bored.  We started seeing and feeling the results in just a few sessions with improvements in strength and flexibility.  Best of all it is a workout my husband and I can enjoy together!  

- Terri & Jason T.

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