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At Via Pilates, we teach people, Pilates is simply the method. While other studios offer large classes with a dozen or more participants, our Semi-Private Sessions are limited to small groups of no more than 5 individuals. Still, we offer a wide variety of options to keep your mind and body constantly challenged!

Pilates reformer class


Open (Mixed Level) or Intermediate

The Pilates reformer is the most commonly used - and most versatile - piece of Pilates equipment. Invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a bed-like frame with a platform which rolls back and forth. Springs, a footbar, and long straps provide resistance or support which varies the challenge of exercises.

Looking for more cardio in your Pilates workout? Consider trying a Reformer Jumpboard class for a serious heart-pumping challenge! (For intermediate/advanced practitioners only.)

Pilates chair class


Chair, Arc, Bodhi & Springboard

The Pilates springboard uses wall mounted springs to challenge core stability and add resistance to a Pilates workout. 


The Wunda Chair and various barrels/arcs may also be incorporated into Equipment or Circuit sessions.

The multiple points of suspension found in the Bodhi system lends itself to greater versatility and more seamless movement patterns, ideal for a Pilates-based practice.

Pilates Mat Class


Building a Strong Foundation

Using padded mats and often incorporating additional props such as the Magic Circle, resistance bands, foam roller, hand weights, or a mini-ball. Pilates mat work builds strength, improves flexibility and enhances coordination.

Barre uses ballet, martial arts and Pilates-inspired movements and techniques for a whole-body challenge. Using a barre for balance, check out this fun and gentle - but intense - workout!

Appropriate for most fitness levels, sessions are tailored to suit all participants, whether beginner or advanced Pilates student. Most exercises can be modified for injuries or physical limitations.

CoreAlign Class


Posture. Power. Precision.

The CoreAlign method stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing functional exercises, deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. The CoreAlign method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and general overall conditioning.


The CoreAlign frame encloses two tracks and carts which move independently with smooth resistance (or assistance). Resistance is possible in one or both directions. The CoreAlign is extraordinarily versatile with hundreds of completely new and unique movement exercises, and can be used as a stand-alone exercise practice or as a complement to existing Pilates programming. 

Semi-Private Sessions
Pilates Equipment class


Because of the individual attention given to every client, everyone at Via Pilates begins with a series of three 50-minute private sessions before joining any group sessions.


These one-on-one sessions with one of our comprehensively Certified Pilates instructors will give you the opportunity to get to know us, our style, our methods, the equipment, the studio, and how our programs and memberships work. They also give us the time to get to know your goals, needs and abilities so we can help create a completely individualized program that best sets you up for long-term success!



All new members at Via Pilates begin with three one-on-one Private Pilates Sessions to give you the opportunity to get to know us and our style, the studio, and how our programs and memberships run. These sessions also give us the time to get to know your goals, physical abilities and your body's needs so we can help develop a Pilates-based program that's just right for you!  (a $330 value)

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In many cases, one-on-one training is the best option for an individual's specific goals. If you're rehabilitating from an injury or working to manage a health condition, if you're a professional athlete looking for sport-specific training, or if you just prefer exercising at specific times that work for your life or lifestyle, our private sessions are the ideal option for you. You'll work with highly-trained instructors who can customize a program for your goals and needs - and that fits with your schedule. 

In addition to therapeutic exercise and athletic or sport-specific conditioning, Via Pilates also offers specialized services in Scolio-Pilates®, Franklin Method fascial training, Pfilates and other pelvic floor movement programming, and much, much more.

Pilates Konnector


One-on-one Pilates Sessions are tailored to each client’s needs and provide a private atmosphere which allow the client to work at their own level while focusing on individual goals and needs. Highly-trained instructors provide undivided attention for a truly personalized experience.


Via Pilates' Private Sessions may include one or two individuals per session.

To amp up your individual sessions even more, consider Private Sessions with a Master Instructor or Physical Therapist. 


Via-Pilates is the best Pilates venue I have experienced! Jeanine blends thorough knowledge of the body with her expertise with Pilates for all ages and physical abilities. She is a fantastic teacher and has affected so many people I know for the better! Highly recommend!

Karen T.

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