• Where do I start? - If you've never been to Via Pilates before, we require all new clients/members to take a series of private sessions before joining in any group classes - even if you have previous Pilates experience (exceptions may be made for visiting instructors, so please contact the studio with any questions and to make arrangements). This is for two main reasons: first, we are a small private studio based on individualized focus and attention so we keep class sizes very small (limited to a maximum of 3 people due to COVID-19 social distancing measures) which makes it important to ensure every client is in the appropriate class; and second, these private sessions allow you get to know us and our style, and it gives us the opportunity to get to know your goals and needs and to help tailor a program that best fits YOU! 


  • Sign up online to reserve your spot in class - Once you're ready to take classes, it's easiest to sign up for classes through our app. Spaces in class will be held for clients signed up in advance, and others may take any available spots on a first-come, first-served basis. Members can check the online schedule to see how many spots are still available for a class. If class is full, sign up for the wait list in case space opens up.


  • Communicate with your instructor(s) - Notify the instructor immediately if you are experiencing any difficulty with your movement program. Clients are responsible for informing the instructor of any limitations or existing health conditions you may have prior to class (e.g. back injuries, knee problems, pregnancy, balance issues, etc.). If you are injured, recovering from an injury/surgery, pregnant, or experience regular "aches and pains" in a particular body area, and/or have been instructed by a medical professional to modify your exercise routine, inform your instructor so your session can be tailored to suit your needs. Our experienced instructors will specifically adapt your workout to ensure you get the most out of your body, regardless of any physical limitations. 


  • What if I need to cancel my class? Please cancel online 12-hours in advance. No cancellations will be accepted via Email or phone. Late cancellations or no-shows will result in class forfeiture and/or a cancellation fee equal to the price of the class or session...with one notable exception (see below).


  • Please DO NOT come to class if you're sick - if you are ill, please DO NOT COME TO CLASS! A number of our clients and instructors suffer from conditions which challenge their immune systems so we do our best to protect them. We will work with you as fairly as possible if you are sick and cannot cancel within the 12-hour cancellation window. 



  • When should I arrive for class? - For your safety, no student may join in a class after the first 10 minutes of class. The warm-up period is an important part of any workout! Due to sanitizing measures, clients won't be permitted to enter the studio more than a few minutes before their scheduled class. Students attending their first particular type of class or level may not join in after that class has begun. 


  • Ample parking is available - Parking is available in front of or next to the studio behind CVS.

  • What should I wear to class? - Clothing should allow you to move freely and comfortably throughout your workout whether sitting, standing or lying down. Yoga-style attire is appropriate for all classes. For men, we suggest wearing swim trunks or fitness tights/shorts underneath if you wear regular gym/running shorts to class.

  • Socks or shoes required for some classes - Grip socks required for Pilates springboard, reformer, CoreAlign, barre and TRX classes, and are available for purchase at the studio. "Barefoot" shoes may also be used as long as they are worn indoor only.

  • Avoid wearing perfume and other strong scents - We try to keep the studio environment comfortable for all participants, so we ask that all clients and instructors avoid wearing perfumes, scented deodorants and lotions, or other strong smells.

  • Be safe on the equipment - Avoid wearing long or dangling jewelry that could get damaged or caught in the machines and cause injury. Bulky rings or other jewelry should also be removed prior to class to protect your fingers/ears and the equipment. Long hair should be tied back for safety reasons (we have hair bands available if needed).


  • What do I need to bring? - Via Pilates strives to provide all of the equipment necessary for any of the classes. If you feel you need a towel during your exercise class, please bring a clean one with you. 


  • Bring your water bottle - In an effort to be as "green" as possible, please bring your own water bottles. Via Pilates' BPA-free insulated steel water bottles are available for purchase. New to the studio? Ask how to get your own stainless steel Via Pilates water bottle. We also have FREE bottled water available for clients at any time, just ask your instructor.


  • Via Pilates does not provide child care - While we love the little ones, it can be dangerous to have small children "running around" the Pilates studio. In addition, due to the coronavirus measures in place, we cannot permit visitors of any kind to wait in the studio, including children.


  • How often should I take classes? - This is one of the most-often asked questions. The best advice is to discuss your particular fitness level and goals with your instructor for guidance. In general, however, Pilates and other mindful movement practices can be practiced every day (unlike some other types of exercise which require "rest days"). In general, we recommend a minimum of two to three classes or privates per week so your body can adapt to and maintain what you learn in class - the maximum visits per week is up to you! 


  • Take classes suitable to your fitness/experience level - talk with your instructor during a private session to determine what classes are best suited for your needs. Please check with an instructor before signing up for Pilates Springboard, Reformer 2 and CoreAlign classes. If an instructor feels you are in a class inappropriate for you, he/she will advise you and may have you move to another more suitable class.


  • Will I get individual attention? - Absolutely! Besides starting out with your three initial privates, all of our equipment classes are limited to a maximum of 3 participants, meaning you'll get lots of individual attention from the instructor. If you want actual one-on-one time with an instructor, consider booking more private sessions.


  • Please be courteous - As Via Pilates is a small studio, please refrain from loud or lengthy conversations before/during/after class as most of our classes require a certain degree of mind-body connection and concentration. That being said...we do try to have fun in classes - after all, if exercise isn't fun, we probably won't do it! And besides, laughing works your core! 


  • Put away those distractions - The time you spend at Via Pilates is for YOU to get the most out of your fitness program. Please keep cell phones and tablets turned off or silenced during class to help preserve the studio environment for all. If you must take a phone call, please quietly step out of class to do so.​     


  • Follow the rules - None of us loves wearing a mask, especially when working out - but we wear them because we respect each other and we're taking care of each other. Please make sure you're wearing your mask and grip socks in the studio, observing social distancing measures, using hand sanitizer/washing your hands, and following the other rules of the studio. Together we help keep each other safe!​     

More about Via Pilates

  • Are you guys "OPEN"? - Well...YES!!! We are!!!  We are ready to see you back in the studio - and ready to see you online whether you're here in Henderson or not! From one-on-one private sessions to small group classes to teacher training opportunities and professional development, we're open to help support you in-person and online. 


  • We require all new clients/members to take a series of 3 private sessions before joining in any group classes - even if you have previous Pilates experience. This is for two main reasons: first, we are committed to individual attention so we keep class sizes very small (just 3 people for our in-studio classes due to social distancing measures) which makes it important to ensure every client is in the appropriate class; and second, these private sessions allow you get to know us and our style, and it gives us the opportunity to to help tailor a program that best fits YOU! 

  • Do I need to take private sessions before taking online classes? - We still do prefer at least one private before taking group classes - these serve many purposes from an initial intake and wellness evaluation to sorting out technological issues and Pilates equipment needs/challenges. These can be scheduled by contacting the studio. As always, it's easiest to sign up for classes through the Via Pilates App. Clients must be signed up at least 10 minutes before class starts. Members can check the online schedule to see how many spots are still available for a class. If class is full, sign up for the wait list in case space opens up.

  • Are class sizes still small or is this a "live streaming" thing? - We're committed to maintaining our high standards of individual client interaction, even during virtual classes. This means that our mat and barre classes are limited to just 8 participants, and our reformer, chair and CoreAlign classes are limited to no more than 4 participants. Our virtual studios are set up so instructors can see every class participant and interact with them in real time. We don't pre-record and stream our classes because the individualized experience is what we're all about - this is Pilates for YOU, not just for the masses!!!

  • What are the benefits of these types of classes? - Well, of course you get the same type of quality Pilates instruction you're used to in the Via Pilates studio, but you're also able to enjoy the fun of being in a group class (rather than trying to stay motivated to workout while you watch yet another a streaming video). We ask and answer questions, talk about life, joke about homeschooling, laugh when pets and Roombas interrupt class, get to know each other, and genuinely stay connected to our Pilates friends and community through these challenging times. Via Pilates is a family - not just here in Henderson - but spread out around the world, and we're in this together!

  • Will your virtual classes disappear? - NO! In truth, we've always offered online classes to our clients as many of them travel throughout the year (avoiding the summer Vegas heat), now we're just making them more widely available. Our virtual class offerings may change slightly based on demand, but our virtual "studio" is here to STAY!!! 

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