What is TRX®?


Born in the NAVY SEALs , TRX® Suspension Training leverages gravity and your own bodyweight to provide a total-body workout. Like Pilates and yoga, TRX® challenges core strength and stability, along with improving balance, coordination and flexibility. Like many pieces of Pilates equipment, the TRX® Suspension System can be tailored to provide a challenging workout for all fitness levels (from pro athletes to seniors). A simple alteration of body position can change the intensity of an exercise, or make it easier or more difficult.

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TRX-Springboard Classes


Via Pilates uses the TRX® suspension training system in combination with the Pilates springboard to help our clients build a strong core, increase endurance, and have fun! 


We combine the controlled instability of the TRX® system with Pilates techniques and exercises to create a fun and challenging workout that will keep your heart rate pumping. Our TRX-Springboard classes combine the best of both worlds to provide an intense and challenging workout.


While many exercises can be modified for various fitness levels, we recommend this class for intermediate and advanced Pilates students. If you have any questions about whether this class is right for you, please contact your instructor.   

Why Springs?

Pilates is well-known for using spring-based resistance, but did you know that springs are used in two primary ways: as assistance and as resistance. Some exercises use the springs as resistance to challenge and strengthen the muscles of the body, while other exercises depend on the springs to assist the body in performing a movement. Determining which springs to use will often be based on the intent of the exercise, and whether the spring would be providing resistance or assistance. 

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