Classes Available Online

Mat Classes

Our virtual Pilates Mat classes are designed for individuals with any

level of Pilates experience. Your instructor will guide you through a

series of mat-based Pilates exercises (small props may be used,

depending on availability). Classes are limited to a maximum of 8

students per class, and are approximately 55 minutes in length

Barre Classes

Via Pilates uses ballet and Pilates-inspired movements and

techniques for a 55-minute whole-body barre challenge. Using a

chair or counter for balance, participants will experience a fun and

gentle - but intense - workout that can help improve posture and

alignment, increase mobility and flexibility, strength and endurance,

and can even help reduce stress. Barre classes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants.  

Mat-Barre Blend

The "Mat-Barre Blend" class mixes Pilates mat techniques with additional barre work, stretching and more. Classes may incorporate a variety of props to focus on strength building and improving flexibility such as resistance bands, loops, weights, balls, rings/magic circles, foam rollers, etc. (depending what props clients have). Limited to a maximum of 8 people per class and approximately 55 minutes in length. 


Mat 2 Classes

Advanced Mat classes are designed for those with intermediate to advanced experience, so participants should have a strong foundation in Mat Pilates prior to signing up for this class (instructor approval is required). Mat 2 classes will move at a faster pace and will include more challenging and complex exercises. These advanced classes will focus on proper Pilates form, precision, movement efficiency and kinesthetic awareness. Classes are approximately 55 minutes in length, and are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class.


Reformer Classes

Virtual Reformer classes are suitable for participants of varying skill levels - and clients can use all types of home reformers. Open Reformer classes will provide ample opportunities to practice many of the Pilates reformer exercises, and will focus on proper form, precision and flow. Participants should have prior Pilates reformer experience, or should have taken a private session (virtual or in-studio) prior to taking this class. Classes are approximately 55 minutes in length, and are limited to a maximum of 5 students per class.

Stability Ball

Stability Ball Classes test participants' balance, strength, flexibility and more by combining Pilates exercises and a large stability/exercise ball (must have own 55-75cm ball). Clients must have good balance to participate in this class, and should be avoided with fall-risk precautions. These classes are sure to get your heart pumping and belly laughing - a fun and challenging way to exercise! Stability Ball classes are approximately 55 minutes in length, and are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class.


Yoga Classes

In Gentle-Flow Yoga classes, postures (asanas) are linked with the breath (pranayama) by leading with breath and following with movement. This allows us to be more conscious of what is happening within our breath and our body. Clients may want yoga blocks, a yoga bolster (or pillows) and a chair available. Classes are approximately 55 minutes in length, and are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class.


Restorative Yoga classes are all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices (as well as our busy lives) and an excellent antidote to stress, depression and anxiety. Classes are approximately 55 minutes in length, and are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class.


Virtual Privates & Online Group Classes


Movement Professionals - check out our upcoming training and workshop opportunities:

Via Pilates is committed to offering the best in Pilates instruction, both online and in-person. We have long offered online options to our clients so they could continue taking mat classes while they traveled (this is Vegas, after all!). Now, we're excited we've been able expand our online offerings to include virtual private sessions, several types of small group Pilates mat and small equipment classes, group reformer classes, and yoga!


Whether you're looking for online options to compliment your in-studio sessions, you live across town, across the country, or even farther - online private sessions or virtual group classes may be the answer to help you reach your fitness goals. We keep classes small so clients and instructors can interact, and even have an assortment of small props and Pilates equipment available for local pick-up or shipping (resistance bands, balls, etc.). And Email us with questions about Therapeutic Exercise options for your wellness needs, too!

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